Local YMCAs Hold First-Ever Statewide Fitness Event on Jan. 10 to Promote Positive Personal Change and Good Health.

Shrewsbury, NJ – It seems nearly everyone has a “New Year’s resolution,” but statistics indicate that less than a quarter of these resolutions are kept.

Creating personal change takes effort, and support. To encourage individuals and families to make their resolutions a reality, YMCAs across the state have come together to host an Open House event at their local facilities on January 10.

“Everyone resolves to improve,” says Linda Ambis, Vice President of The Community YMCA’s Health and Wellness Center in Red Bank.  “We all say, ‘Someday I’ll get on a regular workout routine. Someday I’ll play sports again. ‘Someday I’ll have more time to spend with my kids.’  Our message is: why keep waiting? Local YMCAs are a place where you can do this today.

“We’re a community that support individuals and families in reaching their goals. This year, we’re taking things even further with a free, statewide event hosted by dozens of YMCAs at their own locations to promote healthy change.”

Ambis said The Community YMCA’s Family Health and Wellness Center welcomes individuals and families to an Open House, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 10. Tours of the facility will be available, and for those who decide to sign up for a membership during the open house, the Y is offering the month of January for free.

Because personal change can be difficult, Ambis noted, it’s important to take steps to make sure you stick with a routine:

>      Write it down: Write down exactly what you want to accomplish… and don’t hide it away your desk drawer! Post your goals in a prominent place where you’ll view them, and remind yourself, every day. Keep a journal of your progress, so you can measure yourself and keep yourself accountable.

>      Get comfortable with being outside your comfort zone: If change were easy, more people would succeed. Accept that change is difficult. Embrace the challenge.

>      Become active: Schedule into your day time for you and or your family to engage in physical activity.  Walk, swim, bike on your own or take an exercise class.  There is a social aspect to taking fitness classes which increases your probability for continued exercise.  Whether or not your goals are fitness-related, eating properly and being physically engaged is important to a healthy lifestyle.

>      Don’t do it alone: Difficult changes can become almost impossible when you bear the weight alone. It’s important to enlist support. A support system not only holds you accountable, it makes things more fun. Let others help you, and you’ll not only be more likely to accomplish your goals, you’ll foster stronger relationships in your life.

Community resources like the YMCA offer seniors, families, and others a place to gather and support each other in a healthy social environment. The YMCA is a nonprofit and believes all should have the resources to achieve health and wellness. Financial assistance is available for those who qualify.

To learn more about The Community YMCA and the “Start Your Someday Today” open house, visit www.TheCommunityYMCA.org/YToday or call, 732.741.2504.