MapLight is pleased to announce the launch of its Personal Financial Disclosures Database, a new tool that brings to light the fiscal relationships shared between legislators and private companies.

Each year, members of Congress file 'personal financial disclosures' regarding their various assets and sources of income. In these documents, legislators provide detailed lists of their investments in anything from real estate to mutual funds and company stock.

MapLight has compiled and organized this information into a single dataset searchable by politician, company, year, or Congressional session, with results categorized by income type (dividends, capital gains, etc.) and personal or spousal ownership.  

This data is made freely available to the public through a simple web interface and individual searches may be downloaded as a CSV spreadsheet for deeper investigations. 

A MapLight analysis of the 2013 personal financial disclosures of members of the 113th Congress shows the 'top 15' most popular company stock holdings and total amounts held*: 

maplight congress stocks

For all stock holdings by rank click through image. Download a CSV spreadsheet of the above analysis. Note for politician searches click through the above image and filter by politician. 

*Exact amounts are usually unknown; personal financial disclosure forms provide a fixed range of values with which to record the amount of an asset held.  

A link to this data release can be found here