monmouth cotillionDebutants from the 2014 Monmouth County Cotillion Scholarship Ball

NEPTUNE, NJ – As the gavel came down to signal the start of the meeting, Courteney Lynn Wilds, the 27th General Chairperson of the Monmouth County Cotillion Committee, Inc., began the first meeting of the year. With a goal of providing more robust events, Ms. Wilds outlined the scholarship program the Monmouth County Cotillion Committee has planned for high school students during its 65th year.


In addition to learning the dances for the Cotillion Ball which will be held in May of 2015 at the Neptune Performing Arts Center, the students will participate in an exciting, and rewarding combination of events and educational programming during the season. The season opens in January with the Annual Orientation Tea, where students learn how to win scholarships, fulfill their responsibilities and meet other students from across Monmouth County. The Annual Fashion and Talent show, a mainstay for the Cotillion program, showcases the students as they model the latest fashions and entertain an audience of family and friends.  Educational programs include a Mentor/Career Day, where students meet working professionals in their chosen career field; a business etiquette workshop, where students learn the dos and don’ts of business attire, dining with senior level managers and CEOs and other useful skills; a Finance and Budget workshop focusing on managing finances while in school, effective budgeting and creating a savings program complete with goals; and lastly a Leadership Training Seminar which discusses the key traits for a good leader.

Requirements for participation in the Monmouth County Cotillion as well as applications can be found on their website at This year, applications are due back to the Committee by November 21, 2014. “We have given more than $1 million in scholarship money during our 65 years here in Monmouth County,” Ms. Wilds said. “My hope is that this year will begin the next 65 years of keeping that tradition.”