Metuchen, New Jersey - With news of the second confirmed case of Ebola contracted in the United States, congressional candidate Anthony Wilkinson is calling for the immediate ban on travelers entering the U.S. who have been to infected regions.

In light of the fact that the second healthcare worker infected with Ebola flew on a US commercial airlines hours before being diagnosed, it's critical that the CDC and Department of Homeland Security start to take this issue seriously.

Anthony Wilkinson stated: "We have already put hundreds of Americans at risk of this exotic and extremely deadly disease, it's time we stop other individuals who may have this deadly disease from entering our country."

So far 20 other countries around the world have banned travelers from infected regions from entering.  Air France and British Airways have stopped flying into affected regions.  A travel ban would not hinder the U.S.'s ability to help the African nations combat the deadly disease as military transport planes are available for skilled medical professionals.

Anthony Wilkinson went on to say "This is an issue that spreads way beyond politics and concerns the safety and well-being of our families and children.  I'm asking Congressman Frank Pallone who sits on the Health Subcommittee of the Energy and Commerce Committee to join me in demanding a ban on travelers from infected regions in order to protect our families and children."