mc archive history day 2000Exhibit on Civil War to take center stage

FREEHOLD, NJ – Monmouth County Archives and History Day will take place on Saturday, Oct. 11 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Monmouth County Library Headquarters, 125 Symmes Dr.

As the County’s caretaker of historic documents for the past 26 years, the staff has prepared a month-long exhibit, opening Oct.1, entitled, “The Civil War: New Jersey in Focus.”

“As a strategically located Northern state, New Jersey played a significant role during the Civil War,” Monmouth County Archivist Gary Saretzky said. “More than 88,000 Jerseyans served in the Union Army and Navy, and about 6,300 died. Even those who didn’t go to the front were impacted by the conflict through family members, work, charitable organizations and social activities.”

The exhibit includes a gallery of 42 frames with digital reproductions of documents and photographs from more than a dozen collaborating institutions and individual collectors. There are also items that relate to nurses, women on the home front, Civil War music, the peace movement and uniforms on display.

“Archives and History Day is an opportunity for residents to really take a look at the history of our County and our state,” said Freeholder Director Lillian G. Burry. “Bring the family, enjoy the exhibits and presentations and learn something new about New Jersey’s history.”

Archives and History Day will also feature a Monmouth County History Forum on the Civil War, a history game with prizes, and more than 60 exhibitors from across New Jersey showcasing and promoting the history of the area. A complete schedule of the day’s events can be found at

During the plenary session from 11 a.m. to noon, the Jane Clayton Award will be presented to Angel and Jack Jeandron of Keyport for their efforts to preserve and promote knowledge of the history of Keyport. 

The Archives and History Day will also pay homage to the Monmouth County Library, with a special screening of the video “Four Score and 12: A Historical Retrospective of the Monmouth County Library”during the plenary session.

In 1922, the residents of Monmouth County approved a public referendum establishing  a “county free library’’ – thereby creating the Monmouth County Library, which began operations in January of 1923.

Come take a journey through the history of the Monmouth County Library -- from the time of traveling bookmobiles and lending stations to the current Library boasting 13 branches, 14 member libraries and more than a quarter million cardholders. “Four Score and 12: A Historical Retrospective of the Monmouth County Library” is narrated by Renee B. Swartz, Monmouth County Library Commission Chair.

“Traditionally there is only one winner of the Clayton Award and although Angel and Jack were nominated separately, they are both deserving of this recognition of their achievements,” said French. “I look forward to presenting the award to both of them on Archives and History Day.” 

As the CountyClerk, Mrs. French is responsible for the keeping of the County’s records. And it was French’s predecessor County Clerk Jane G. Clayton who established the Monmouth County Archives in 1987 and for whom the annual award is named.

At 12:10 p.m., Monmouth County Historian Randall Gabrielan and featured speaker, Joseph W. Becton, will host a discussion on Civil War History. At 1 p.m., Joseph W. Becton will present “Music of the Civil War Era.”

A tour of the Monmouth County Archives will be available by advance registration.  If you are interested in the 3 p.m. tour, contact Shelagh Reilly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..