mc kozloski signFREEHOLD, NJ – Today, MonmouthCounty traffic safety crews placed four variable message boards along Kozloski Road (CR 55) between the State Highway 33 Bypass and Burlington Road.  

“The sign boards have been put in place to remind motorists to slow down and obey the speed limit,” Freeholder Thomas A. Arnone said. “Drivers need to abide to the posted 50 mph speed limit on Kozloski Road.”  

While the fatal accident on Kozloski Road is still under investigation, County officials met with FreeholdTownship officials today to continue to advance the education of drivers and enforcement of the existing speed limit along the 4-mile Kozloski Road corridor from State Highway 33 Bypass to Highway 79.

The section of Kozloski Road that traverses over the State Highway 33 was designed, constructed and paid for by the NJ Department of Transportation (NJDOT) as part of the improvements to the business section of State Highway 33. The NJDOT project elevated Kozloski Road over Business State Route 33, which eliminated an intersection and the need for a traffic signal.

The County is also working with FreeholdTownship and NJDOT to identify both short-term and long-term safety improvements along Kozloski Road.

“To date, speed studies on Kozloski Road have not met the established criteria necessary to reduce the existing speed limit,” said Arnone. “The County is re-examining this factor.

The County has also studied the road from Highway 33 Business to Center Street and is evaluating possible traffic calming measures and the addition of a new traffic signal at Thoreau Drive.

The County has also requested that the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority (NJTPA) and RutgersCenter for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation (CAIT) conduct a Road Safety Audit (RSA) for the Kozloski corridor. An RSA is a formal safety performance examination that results in a report that can be used to make decisions on traffic safety improvements.