West Long Branch, N.J. - Several students and faculty members from Monmouth University’s Department of Chemistry and Physics presented research at the 248th American Chemical Society (ACS) National Meeting in San Francisco from August 10 to August 14, 2014.

Monmouth students and faculty were among more than 15,000 fellow scientists, engineers, industry representatives, and others to present their research at the ACS National Meeting.  The meeting focused on chemistry and global stewardship.

ACS sponsors two national meetings per year, which include five days of symposia, tutorials, and poster sessions that cover every area of chemistry, chemical engineering and related sciences. The national meetings also include short courses with renowned instructors, workshops, divisional and committee meetings, and other related sessions.

Monmouth students and faculty members presented their research in poster and paper format.

Posters presented:

  • “Synthesis and Binding to Telomeric DNA of Novel Curcumin Analogs” by Dr. Massimiliano Lamberto, Jonathan Rochford, Wesley Cunningham, Samantha Ebner, and Stephanie Bellinger-Buckley.  Dr. Lamberto is an associate professor at Monmouth and was the main presenter.  Senior chemistry majors, Samantha Ebner,Howell, NJ, and Wesley Cunningham,Lumberton, NJ, presented as well.
  • “Extended Hückel Approach for Modeling Electronic Excitations in Peridinin-Chlorophyll Protein Complex” by Kristen Flynn, Erik Braunstein, Philip Donahue, and Dr. Dmytro Kosenkov.  The poster presentation was given by Kristen Flynn, a junior chemistry major from Long Branch, NJ.  Flynn is a member of Dr. Kosenkov’s research group at Monmouth. Monmouth University graduates and co-authors Erik Braunstein,Howell, NJ, and Philip Donahue,Sicklerville, NJ, are also members of the research group.

Paper presented:

  • “Using Mobile Technology to Empower Students” by Dr. Azzam Elayan.Dr. Elayan is a Monmouth faculty member who presented an instructional method developed in the Monmouth University Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory course.

For more information about ACS, visit http://www.acs.org.

For more information about Monmouth University’s School of Science, visit www.monmouth.edu/science.