machestic dragonsPHOTO: Linda Willimer, pictured with Carol Watchler, Machestic President, at Paddle For Pink

MERCER COUNTY, NJ - When The Machestic Dragons plan their annual Dragon Boat Festival Paddle for Pink, they are cautiously optimistic intending each year’s festival to meet or exceed the success the previous year’s event enjoyed by many.  Weather is always a factor that cannot be controlled even with the most well intentioned planning. The date the festival is held also seems to move with the moon tides: always held in June according to availability of MercerCountyPark, a sought after location for many wonderful events. The Machestic Dragons once again hosted a successful fund raising event and proudly announce the profits will benefit two area organizations who support breast cancer patients and survivors, consistent with the Machestic Dragons mission statement. The BreastCancerResourceCenter at the YWCA in Princeton will receive $6000 and Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey in New Brunswick will be gifted $4000.

Paddle for Pink is a community supported participation event with teams of 20 who paddle in selected divisions. Although some Breast Cancer Survivor division teams travel from other states on the east coast to race, historically the Community Teams division enrolls the greatest number of participants.  Because this annual event, held on June 21st this year, was the eighth incarnation some of the community teams have raced each year and have had time to develop strong paddling skills.  A team comprised of employees from Integra, Engineering Division of Plainsboro, NJ, named Blazing Paddles once again took home gold medals as first place winners.  The winner of the breast cancer survivor division races was Against the Wind from Philadelphia.  The Machestic Dragons always appreciate the humorous team names folks create upon registration. This year the YWCA in Princeton team names won the most smiles: The Sea Cups and the Double Sea Cups!

At the fundraising festival, music and entertainment was appreciated by paddlers and a Flowers on the Water ceremony took place. The day of the event a donation was made to the Machestic Dragons by a generous and valued supporter, Linda Willimer. Earlier in the year Linda organized a Mother’s Day Tea social on the lawn of her home in Pennington with a portion of the proceeds donated to the Machestic’s. Linda also organizes a bake sale at Paddle for Pink; as a result a check was happily accepted on behalf of the Machestic Dragons by Carol Watchler, President of the Board, from Linda Willimer for $1000.

Visit the event website for more information and watch for date announcement for our 2015 Paddle for Pink Dragon Boat Festival.