TRENTON, NJ - New Jersey Division of Taxation investigators engaged in various enforcement actions during July that recovered more than $230,000 in back taxes.

Taxation investigators from the Northfield and Neptune Revenue Operations Teams on July 1 participated in a joint truck surveillance detail with the New Jersey State Police and the State Motor Vehicle Commission. About two dozen out-of-state businesses were inspected at the Carney’s Point Weigh Station, and six companies were assessed $68,860 in back taxes.

The State Police teamed up with the same Taxation Investigators again on July 9 to inspect 46 out-of-state businesses at the Salem County weigh station.  As a result, seven companies were assessed $38,500 in back taxes, and two new business registrations were secured. Five of the businesses that previously were inspected and assessed for not paying taxes were found to be in compliance. 

A Taxation field investigator secured $60,466 in taxes from a Long Branch (Monmouth County) businessman who was abusing dealer plates on three classic sports cars purchased as an investment. The vehicles had dealer tags that were being used improperly to avoid paying sales tax. The owner of the cars paid the tax after being informed of the law regarding dealer tags. 

On July 15, Taxation investigators from the Northfield Regional Office seized an Atlantic County restaurant for failure to pay State taxes. Division staff entered the establishment, served warrants of execution, secured the business and demanded full payment. The owner paid the warrant amount due of $65,000, and the restaurant was allowed to remain open.