TRENTON, NJ - Senator Jennifer Beck (R-Monmouth), a sponsor of bipartisan legislation to make permanent the 2-percent cap on local public employee salary increases, said the cap extension enacted by Gov. Christie today offers hope for more meaningful reforms.

“I applaud my legislative colleagues and the governor for compromising to continue this important reform that has been a very effective tool for local officials to control property taxes,” Beck said. “Today’s extension of a 2-percent cap on local public employee raises is a symbol that both parties in Trenton can still work together for the benefit of all New Jerseyans.”

Senator Beck also thanked local officials who have been pushing hard this year for an extension of this 2-percent cap on interest arbitration. The Senator sponsors Senate Bill 1913, which would make this cap permanent.

“Clearly there is enough acknowledgement and support among state and local leaders to make this cap permanent,” Beck said. “I’m hopeful that today’s action will spark momentum to achieve even more bipartisan victories to cut property taxes by addressing the root causes of what makes rates so high.”

Senator Beck urged the passage of bipartisan sick leave reform bills, such as S-79, along with various measures for local governments and school districts to consolidate, share services and be more efficient.