About 1 in 8 women will develop Breast Cancer this year, and many of them will not know until it has progressed into a more dangerous stage. Early detection is your best defense against breast cancer, and throughout the month of May, Paint the Town Pink aims to inform women of the importance of getting their yearly mammogram. 

When it comes to women, we tend to make time for everyone in our lives – parents, husbands, children, friends – before we focus on ourselves. This is especially true when it comes to our health. How can we help the many people in our lives if we aren’t properly taking care of ourselves?

Here are 31 ways to make time for yourself, and to make sure you get a potentially life-saving mammogram each and every year.

  1. Schedule your appointment on your child or spouses’ birthday as a way of showing them that you care.  The gift of your health will mean the world to them.
  2. Schedule your appointment on March 8 in recognition of International Women’s Day.
  3. Schedule a Mammo & Mani day with some of your best friends.
  4. Use http://www.futureme.org/" href="http://www.futureme.org/">www.futureme.org/ to write an email to your future self, reminding her to get her mammogram.
  5. Schedule your mammo around the same time every year, so it becomes part of your routine.
  6. Take the day off from work, and treat yourself to something special after your appointment – like a pedicure or massage.
  7. Save a dollar a day throughout the year, and use the saved money to go on a shopping trip after your mammo appointment.
  8. Schedule your appointment for the morning so you don’t worry about it throughout the day.
  9. Sign-up to have a reminder sent directly to your inbox through our Meridian Mammography e-mail reminder at MeridianHealth.com
  10.  Make your next appointment before leaving your current one to ensure it is already on your calendar
  11. Attend a Pink Pampering day at one of Meridian’s Women’s Centers, and enjoy pampering while you wait for your mammogram.
  12.  Choose a “you day!”  One day a year that you do everything you need (and want) for yourself
  13.  Schedule your appointment on your birthday as a present to yourself – treat yourself to something fun afterwards.
  14. Put a reminder on your smart phone – set it so that it is re-occuring.
  15. Schedule your mammogram a week before your annual physical.
  16. Schedule a “Mammo & Movies” day with your girlfriends and take in the latest rom-com.
  17. Schedule a Mind, Spirit, Body day and surround your mammogram appointment with things that nurture your mind and spirit.
  18. Schedule your mammogram during National Wellness Week, from September 15 – 21.
  19. Choose October 17 for your mammogram appointment in recognition of National Mammography Day.
  20. Go with your sister on your mom’s birthday to show your mom how much you love her by taking care of your health.
  21. Put a reminder to schedule your mammogram on your refrigerator.
  22. Each year, schedule your mammogram on the day after the Superbowl with your friends, and wear your favorite team’s jersey to your appointment together, as a team.
  23. Get crafty! Make a Pinterest board of cute ways to remind yourself of your mammogram and try one out!
  24. Have a competition! Every year, have a competition with your girlfriend to see who can get her mammogram first. Loser buys lunch.
  25. Schedule your Mammogram on Valentine’s Day every year, and treat yourself to a Victoria’s Secret shopping spree afterwards.
  26. Tell the world! Schedule your Mammogram and tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter!
  27. Tie a reminder to your swimsuit! When you get out your summer clothes, you’ll know it’s time to get your mammogram!
  28. Schedule your mammogram and dentist appointment on the same day and get them both out the way!
  29. Get your mammogram on Halloween. Tell people you’re dressed as a woman who’s not afraid to get her mammogram.
  30. Do something new! Try skydiving or parasailing for the first time on the same day you get your mammogram and you’ll never forget it!
  31. Every year, make your New Year’s resolution to get a mammogram.

For more information on mammograms and early detection, visit PaintTheTownPink.com.

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