LINCROFT, N.J. – The Federal Emergency Management Agency has produced materials to give technical guidance to home builders and property owners planning post-Sandy construction or repairs in coastal areas.

Investigations conducted by FEMA and other organizations have consistently shown that properly sited, well-designed and well-constructed coastal residential buildings generally perform well in coastal disasters.

For residential builders and do-it-yourselfers, FEMA offers a series of Fact Sheets (available free at that provide technical guidance and recommendations concerning the construction of coastal residential buildings.

The Home Builders Guide to Coastal Construction:  Technical Fact Sheet Series is aimed at improving the stability of buildings in coastal environments that may be subject to flood and wind forces.

The 37 fact sheets are divided into 10 categories that cover various aspects of the construction process. Each fact sheet provides specific information on topics like National Flood Insurance Program regulatory requirements, the proper siting of coastal buildings and recommended design and construction practices.

Many of the fact sheets also include lists of FEMA and other resources that provide more information about the topics discussed. Where appropriate, resources are accompanied by active web links.

Updated in 2011, a Coastal Construction Manual – prepared with assistance from other agencies, organizations and professionals involved in coastal construction and regulation – isintended to help designers and contractors identify and evaluate practices that improve construction quality.

The two-volume publication provides a comprehensive approach to planning, siting, designing, constructing and maintaining homes in the coastal environment.

Volume I provides information on hazard identification, siting decisions, regulatory requirements, economic implications and risk management.

Volume II contains in-depth descriptions of design, construction and maintenance practices that, when followed, will increase the durability of residential buildings in the harsh coastal environment and reduce economic losses associated with coastal natural disasters.

The primary audience for Volume I includes design professionals, officials and those involved in the decision-making process. The primary audience for Volume II is the design professional who is familiar with building codes and standards and has a basic understanding of engineering projects.

The Coastal Construction Manual (FEMA publication P-55) and the Home Builders Guide to Coastal Construction Technical Fact Sheet Series (FEMA publication P-499) may be downloaded in Portable Document Format as PDF files or as plain text (.txt) files at