HIGHTSTOWN, NJ - The New Jersey Libertarian Party (NJLP) will hold its annual convention on Saturday, March 29, at Tavern on the Lake, 101 N Main St, Hightstown, NJ 08520. The morning session, from 9:00 AM until noon will feature election of party officers and selection of a US Senate candidate and other candidates.

Following a luncheon, an outstanding roster of speakers will address the convention.  

Finance professor, Dr. Murray Sabrin will speak on the coming collapse of the welfare/warfare state.

Dr. Mary Ruwart, a research scientist and ethicist will share her expertise on health care issues.


Pittsburgh area newspaper columnist and radio personality, Dimitri Vassilaros, has titled his talk “Spreading Libertarianism by Closing Our Mouths and Opening Our Ears: How to talk to non-libertarians without turning them off.”

Daniel Zolnikov (R) is a liberty minded State Representative for Montana who will speak about the government’s collection of personal data and privacy issues.

There will also be a roundtable discussion on poverty and homelessness.

More complete bios for the speakers and a time schedule for convention events can be found here: http://njlp.org/index.php/njlp-convention" href="http://njlp.org/index.php/njlp-convention">http://njlp.org/index.php/njlp-convention" color="#0000ff">http://njlp.org/index.php/njlp-convention