TRENTON, NJ - The New Jersey Senate has scheduled a bill that would set up a license for industrial hemp, laying the ground work for NJ farmers to be able to grow the crop.

A2415/S3110, a bill which would guarantee New Jersey farmers are afforded the right to grow hemp as soon as federal law allows by setting up a hemp license, will be voted on by the Senate on Monday. An Assembly vote is likely to follow, sending the bill to the Governor's desk.

"I commend the leadership for putting this bill up and urge the Governor's signature. This is an economic engine for our state and an industry which we really must tap into and utliize. This bill will benefit not only our economy, but our local farmers and environment.", said Assemblyman Gusciora, sponsor of the bill.

Derek Peterson, CEO of Terra Tech Corp (TRTC), a publically-traded sustainably minded New Jersey based agricultural company, said "We have 100 acres of land we plan on cultivating hemp on as soon as possible. We hope the laws and regulations allow us to participate in this industry to provide this sustainable crop to the local population and economy."

Allowing hemp to be grown in NJ would allow my small business to sell locally grown products while reducing my costs and stimulating the local NJ economy", said Michael Chazukow, a NORML New Jersey Board member and owner of Hemp Heaven, a New Jersey based hemp retailer.

Industrial hemp is non-psychoactive and has the ability to produce products as versatile as biodegradable plastic, cloth, soap, and health food. It is currently illegal to cultivate in the United States, although hemp fiber and products made from hemp are legal to possess and sell.


NORML New Jersey is the New Jersey Affiliate of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.