barclay demo belmarBELMAR, NJ – Shuttered and decaying The Barclay Catering Hall today has seen its last dance as local real estate developers have started the razing process of the once vibrant catering hall known to many locals who have fond memories of the numerous proms, special events, and weddings that they have attended.

Today Belmar resident William (Bill) Merkler and his business partner Walter (Walt) Bostian have commenced the 3 day process of dismantling the famed catering hall building using various techniques in order to separate and recycle as much of the old structures building materials as possible.

The catering hall, shuttered for several years and then subsequently a victim of Superstorm Sandy, will be replaced with 2 luxury homes which will both overlook Belmar’s Silver Lake, in addition, 2 homes of equal size and quality will be built on the vacant lots located at the corner of Fourth Avenue and A Street.

The idea of replacing The Barclay with homes has been bantered around for years by builders, neighbors, and borough officials but not until recently, with the building being left in disrepair, has anybody stepped in to purchase the property for residential redevelopment.

Mr. Merkler believes that the opportunity to develop the property could not have come any sooner after he toured the interior of the building earlier this past May. “Time appeared to have stood still when we walked the building, with dishes and some food items still left on tables in one room of the hall.” Mr. Merkler also noted that the condition of the structure has deteriorated rapidly from deferred maintenance and the effects of Superstorm Sandy.

barclay demo belmar 2

Belmar based NorthEnd Builders will be the builder of the new homes - NorthEnd Builders is well known for the luxury homes that they build in the area. The builder has recently seen a boom in their business which locally includes their recent sell-out of a multi-property redevelopment on the corner of Ninth Avenue and B Street and the minor subdivision on the 500 block of 6th Avenue, all of which in Belmar.

Mr. Merkler & Mr. Bostian have also teamed-up their efforts with EXIT Realty East Coast’s Broker-Associate, and fellow Belmar resident, Charles Koehler as their Realtor for new construction homes. Mr. Koehler has successfully represented the sale of all 6 of the Belmar homes this year. Mr. Koehler stated “Although the higher price point homes are a challenging segment of the current housing market, we have seen very enthusiastic interest in the recent offerings of the new construction NorthEnd Builders properties.” Mr. Koehler added “When you actually see the thoughtfulness in the design and the quality of work that goes into a NorthEnd home people appear to stop looking at resale properties which are at similar price-points and with similar features”. Mr. Koehler believes that the redevelopment of The Barclay property with new homes will be a wonderful addition to the already charming area of town.

The current 100’ (wide) x 150’ (deep) lot has recently been approved to be subdivided into 2 separate 50’ (wide) x 150’ (deep) single family home lots. The same relief was also recently granted by the boroughs Planning Board for the Fourth Avenue corner property.