bldg 197 washington navy yard

UPDATE: (2:00)  At least 12 fatalities, 2 suspects, earlier seen with firearms, still at large

UPDATE: (1:30 p.m.) 12 shot, 7 dead

UPDATE: (12:20 p.m.) George Washington University Hospital spokesman: One man brought to the hospital is dead from a gunshot wound to the head.

UPDATE: (12:10 p.m.) Police Chief Cathy Lanier: Potentially two shooters at large.

UPDATE: (11:50 a.m.) Senior naval official: At least one suspect is dead.

UPDATE: (11:30 a.m.) Navy source: Two suspects "are down."

UPDATE: (11:20) At least 4 people killed, 8 injuried in attack at Naval Yard.

Historic Photo -  Navy Yard Building No. 197 Tingey Street, Washington, DC

WASHINGTON, D. C. - At least ten people have been shot in an attack this moring at the US Navy yard in Washington, D.C. - Building 197. At least four people have died.  

Reports indicate that at least one, and possibly three, gunmen attacked at about 8:02 this morning.  The four story building is an office building used by the Navy Yard.

Responders are going through the building room by room. Employees were told to "Shelter in Place".  

Ed Ziegler, spokesman for the Washington Naval Yard "Multiple casualties and multiple fatalities"

Reports say there is one gunman "pinned down", possibly wounded, and perhaps more gunmen at large.  Police sources say there are possibly "two" gunmen.

Six area schools are also in "lock down".

The Naval Sea Systems Command headquarters is housed at Building 197 at the Washington Naval Yard.

Employees were being led out of the building with the hands raised.

One Metropolitan Police Department officer was shot and at least one shooter is deceased  There are multiple victims deceased, according to Police Chief Cathy Lanier.  

There are potentially two other shooters. One a white male, last seen at 8:35 a.m wearing a khaki tan uniform -short sleeve, beret hat, like a Navy uniform, with a handgun.  

A second man - black male, approximately 50 years old.  He was seen with a long gun wearing olive drab, possibly militiary style clothes. "There is no reason to believe they are military but may be wearing military style uniforms.", Police Chief Cathy Lanier said.

Four people were said to be brought to two area hospitals.  

According to a spokesman for George Washington University Hospital said one of the gunman, a man about 60 years old, died of a gunshot wound to the head.  He said the wound to the temple was not survivable.  The man was declared dead shortly after arriving at the hospital this morning despite the best efforts of emergency personnel, according to the spokesman.

Chief Medical Officer Janis Orlowski said one D.C. police officer was already in surgery. The three shooting victims — one man and two women — have “a good chance of survival.” One of the women had been shot in the hand and head, she said.

Both hospitals were told to expect more victims.

Chief Medical Officer Janis Orlowski, of Medstar Washington Hospital Center said three shooting victims, including a metropolitan police officer, were brought into the hospital this morning.   The officer had gunshots to the legs.  One female patient had a gunshot to the shoulder, and another female had shots to the head and hand. All three victims are in surgery and expected to recover.

There is only speculation at this stage as to motivation for the attack.