New Jersey residents gather in Trenton to demand the passage of S1977, which would decriminalize marijuana and end 22,000 arrests per year.

We are Stronger than the Drug War, a rally to decriminalize marijuana, will take place in Trenton this Sunday, September 8th.

TRENTON, NJ - Don DeZarn and Sean O’Connor (Libertarian Candidates for the 14th Legislature), NORMLNJ and CMMNJ invite you to the kick-off event of their LEGALIZE FREEDOM TOUR!

Trenton, NJ – Don DeZarn, Sean O’Connor, NORMLNJ, CMMNJ, NJ Libertarian Party, the NJ Green Party and the Panic Hour will be rallying in Trenton on Sunday, September 8, 2013 from 3:00PM-5:00PM at 125 West State Street in front of the New Jersey Statehouse. WE ARE STRONGER THAN THE DRUG WAR RALLY will focus on garnering support for S1977 Decriminalization Bill, Improving the condition of the medical marijuana program in New Jersey, and ending the federal prohibition on marijuana.


Event Speakers will include:  Kenneth Kaplan (for Governor), Don DeZarn (for NJ State Senate), Sean O’Connor (for Assembly), Steve Welzer (for Governor), N.A. Poe and the Panic Hour (activists and comedians), Max Davidson (NORML NJ Outreach Director). Paul Politano (NORML NJ Regional Coordinator), Maria DePalma (NORML NJ Regional Coordinator), Ken Wolski R.N. (Executive Director CMMNJ), Jennie Stormes R.N. (NORML NJ), Carmen Rao (NORML NJ), Jim Miller (Co-Founder CMMNJ), Rowyn Capers (MMJ patient/NORML NJ), Matt Teeter Esq. (Roberts and Teeter, LLC), Marianne Bays (CMMNJ/NORML NJ Women’s Alliance), Sandy Faiola (CMMNJ/MMJ Patient), Andrew Singer (Retired Paterson Police Detective).

Our elected officials and the public need to become educated on the multiple benefits of  marijuana reform.  A new poll found over 60 percent of New Jersey voters favor decriminalizing Marijuana and making possession a civil offense punishable by a fine. Another survey from the Pew Research Center revealed fifty-two percent of respondents believed marijuana should be legal- that is, taxed and regulated similarly to alcohol. These results reflect a trend of growing acceptance within the general adult population as it relates to cannabis and hemp.

CNN's resident physician, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, recently aired a special on marijuana where he essentially reversed his position on the plant (claiming he had been systematically duped by the government and the DEA).  After extensive research he expressed strong support for the plant’s medicinal benefits.

NJ Governor Chris Christie recently conditionally vetoed a bill (SB2842/Vivian Bill) that allows children access to edible forms of medical marijuana. Despite some minor hurdles (including Governor Christie’s hypocritical statement denouncing medical marijuana) support for cannabis is increasingly burgeoning and we are hopeful marijuana decriminalization will soon become a reality.