HAZLET, NEW JERSEY - At its 17th Annual Crystal Beacon Awards Dinner, the Northern Monmouth Chamber of Commerce (NMCC) awarded the RAINE Foundation with the prestigious NMCC Non-Profit of the Year Award. 

NMCC encompasses 10 Bayshore towns that are known for working together for the common good of their collective communities.  In October of 2012, Hurricane Sandy tested the Bayshore’s strength when the devastating storm caused massive damage to homes and local businesses.  It did not take long for residents, business owners, and local organizations to start rebuilding.

One organization that immediately partnered with the NMCC to help rebuild the Bayshore area is the Hazlet, New Jersey-based RAINE Foundation.  RAINE, which stands for Reaching All In Need Everyday, is a 501(c)(3) organization founded by Matt and Patti Dickens.  RAINE’s primary mission is to assist children and families that are in crisis, like those from the Bayshore area who were hard hit by Hurricane Sandy. 

The NMCC and the RAINE Foundation joined forces with a number of other “helpers” to strategize and launch the NMCC Beacon of Hope Distribution Center for Hurricane Sandy Victims.  The center was the hub for food, clothing and essential household items that hurricane victims lost in the storm.  Volunteers eagerly donated their time to sort and distribute items that were delivered to the center to help hurricane victims.

In addition to the Non-Profit of the Year award, NMCC President Cliff Moore presented the RAINE Foundation with a $2,500 check to support its on-going work and to say “thank you for partnering with the NMCC to help keep the Bayshore area of New Jersey strong after Hurricane Sandy hit our towns.”