Shade Tree suggests trees for streets, shore and pinelands 

FREEHOLD, NJ – The Monmouth County Shade Tree Division has compiled a list of suggested tree species for landscaping in the County.

“Trees are wonderful for the environment and the visual appeal of Monmouth County,” said Freeholder Deputy Director Serena DiMaso, liaison to the Shade Tree Division. “Residents are encouraged to plant trees, but they need to make sure that what they are planting is appropriate for the site so that the tree will thrive and flourish.”

The Shade Tree Division created the list to guide homeowners and landscaping professionals during the busy spring planting season.

“There are a wide variety of habitats for trees in Monmouth County,” said Freeholder Director Thomas A. Arnone, liaison to the Department of Public Works and Engineering. “If you are interested in planting a tree you should consult this guide. Landscape architects and certified tree experts will find this information useful as well.”

If you are considering planting a tree close to the street, the guide recommends that you plant in a large area, at least five feet wide and on the opposite side of the sidewalk from the street. Suggested species for streetscape trees include Sycamore, Willow oak, Freeman maple and Sourwood trees.

For people who live close to the ocean or the bay, there are four shore zones that should be taken into account when picking a tree: oceanfront exposed to salt spray and wind; first ocean block; landward, second and third blocks from the ocean; and bayside. Recommended trees for shore zones include Shining sumac, American holly, Ginkgo and Flowering dogwood trees.

“Monmouth County is quite unique with respect to the diversity of environments,” added DiMaso. “We have everything from shore lands to pinelands, which create beautiful landscapes and rich textures to our community.”

The southern sections of Monmouth County have a similar plant ecology to the pinelands. Suggested trees for these areas include Eastern red cedar, Virginia pine, Swamp magnolia and Beach plum trees.


For more information and a complete list of suggested trees for Monmouth County visit the Division of Shade Tree’s website at