Ridgefield, NJ - The Reform Party of New Jersey’s Executive Committee announced today its support for term-limits in both houses of the state’s legislator. The Reform Party’s leadership believes that making New Jersey the 16th state with term limits in its State House would increase elected officials productivity while decreasing stagnation in the legislative process. The party has proposed that members of the Assembly be capped at 4 terms or 8 years, while members of the Senate are term limited at 3 or, similar to the Assembly, 8 years. The RPNJ Executive Committee said that they would be willing to work with leaders in the Democrat and Republican Parties on the specifics of this legislation.

In the past year, the Reform Party has become the leading advocate for electoral reform in the Garden State. Leaders and activists of the party have shown their support for Democratic Party proposed legislation that would establish early voting in the state, while arguing turnout in New Jersey would be one of the nation’s highest with same day registration. In the summer of 2010, college activists Dennis Mikolay and Jacob Zychick re-organized the party and since then it has been in the forefront of defending private property rights and gaining equality for all of New Jersey residents.