Barrier Murals--Artists Wanted 

The town of Belmar has asked the Arts Council to help lift the spirits of our residents, especially those near the beachfront. For the foreseeable future, large cement "Jersey" barriers will be blocking access to Ocean Avenue at A street. There are about 14 of these barriers on 7th to 20th Avenues, and we'd like to make them look fun and upbeat.

Belmar Paints has donated 20 gallons of blue paint to use as a background color, and last week BAC members and a team of Brownies and Girl Scouts began painting several of the barriers blue.



Brownies Ptg 


Primed Barricade 

We are looking for volunteer artists who'd like to "adopt" and decorate a barrier. Hopefully this will be a chance for adults and children to take part in a fun community art event.

So here's how it will work:

If you have an idea, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

and you can request or we'll assign you a barricade. You can form a team on your own, or we can arrange for some volunteers to help you. Sketch out your idea so that your team can get right to work. You may want to draw the outlines of your design on your barrier, or at least share the sketch with your helpers. We have the blue background paint, but you will probably need to find some colors of exterior latex paint to use. (Check your leftovers, ask your friends, go to a paint store and beg some "Oops" paint) You'll also want to bring brushes, plastic containers-anything else you'll need to paint.

Be creative! Think upbeat, positive, smile-inspiring! No holiday designs, since the residents of these streets will get to live with your creation till spring.

We have some warm-ish weather predicted through this weekend, so we'll want to get these Barrier Murals completed ASAP.

Thanks for helping to beautify and uplift Belmar! (There will shortly be some mural inspiration pictures up on the web site: