Watch out for road rage, parking space wars and auto theft

Hamilton, NJ – Tis the season to start holiday shopping and with that in mind, AAA Mid-Atlantic offers motorists advice when heading out to the malls to garner holiday bargains. “As the holiday shopping season is upon us, we want to remind motorists that no item is worth getting into a car accident.  Remain calm while driving on congested roads and exercise patience when maneuvering within the parking lots,” advises Tracy Noble, spokesperson for AAA Mid-Atlantic.

The National Retail Federation estimates that 147 million Americans will be shopping during the Black Friday weekend.  “You’ll have plenty of company this weekend and all season long, regardless of where you choose to shop,” Noble said.  “Let your holiday goodwill extend to your fellow drivers. This should make the experience more enjoyable and crash-free.”

AAA Mid-Atlantic tips for driving and parking during holiday shopping:

  • Stay on guard in parking lots.  Pay attention to where you park, note parking lot signs and markers.  Use your smartphone to take a photo of where you parked.  Choose a well-lit area to park during early morning hours and at night.  When returning to your vehicle, have keys ready in hand and check the car’s interior before entering, using a penlight at night.  Report suspicious people or cars.
  • See and be seen. Use your headlights when scouring parking garages for spaces, even during the day. Avoid parking between a pair of tall SUVs or minivans where it might be hard for you to back out of the space.
  • Stay on track and alert. Pedestrians should use walkways and crosswalks, if available. If walking in traffic lanes is unavoidable, be alert for cues – including exhaust or reverse lights – that signal a vehicle is about to pull out. When behind the wheel, always be on the lookout for pedestrians, especially small children.  In busy parking lots, it can be difficult to see small who may make quick, unpredictable movements.
  • Head for the side door.  Many shoppers want to park near their favorite stores or near the mall entrance. Most malls have secondary entrances on the sides and those entrances usually have less traffic and additional convenient spaces.
  • Play the outfield. Outlying areas normally have more open spaces, lighter traffic and a lower risk of collision. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to walk off the holiday treats. In some cases, however, those spaces may not be as secure so be aware of the risks.
  • Thieves like to window shop. Place all shopping bags and valuables in the trunk, including the GPS units and their mounts.  It takes a thief just seconds to smash a window and steal your shopping loot. 
  • Shop Online.  Avoid the crowds and take advantage of special online promotions.