Monday, November 12, 2012 – Update issued at 11:30 a.m.

New Jersey Natural Gas today provided the following operational updates of its restoration of natural gas service to the hurricane-damaged portions of its system:


Monmouth County

On Sunday, we successfully reintroduced natural gas into our main in Sea Bright and completed 66 meter rebuilds, leaving natural gas available to our the customer at the valve.  In Manasquan, we have completed 67 percent of our service assessments and have been replacing portions of our damaged facilities.  In the coastal region of the county, we have completed 89 percent of our initial service assessments.  In the Bayshore region of the county, we have completed 87 percent of our initial service assessments.


Bay Head to Seaside

We have now completed the initial assessment of all of our main (116 miles), as well as all of our initial service assessments (16,903).  Extensive damage will require substantial infrastructure repair and replacement.  We are finalizing our re-pressurization plan for this portion of our system, which includes segmentation.  Mobilization has begun for the replacement of main that was damaged near the Mantoloking Bridge.  Access remains an issue, and conditions on the ground change daily.


Ocean County Mainland

We have completed 27,600 service assessments. 1,850 meters are ready for natural gas restoration, and 604 meters have been turned back on.


Long Beach Island

Today, we have are re-introducing natural gas into the second section of our main on Long Beach Island, in parts of Ship Bottom and Brant Beach.  We expect to move onto the third section tomorrow, from Sherwood Way to James Street. 


Meter rebuilds began in the section where natural gas has been reintroduced at 7 am today.  Once a meter has been re-established and you see a tag on the customer gas valve just past your meter, your home’s natural gas service may be turned on by your qualified technician-- but only after electricity has been restored, you have safely returned to your home, and your qualified technician has determined that your natural gas equipment is safe to operate. 


Scheduling, details and updates on our LBI restoration work are available at


Federal, New Jersey and local safety codes prohibit tampering with natural gas meters and service lines. Even if natural gas service has not yet been restored to your area, this could significantly hamper efforts to restore service.


If you smell an odor of natural gas, leave the building immediately. Do not light matches, touch electrical switches or appliances, or use your telephone. From a safe location, customers should notify us of all gas leaks immediately at 1-800-GAS-LEAK. 


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