BELMAR, NJ – In the midst of Belmar’s tenth consecutive day without power, Mayor Matt Doherty today released the following statement on the retention of AshBritt to lead cleanup efforts in the borough and on the continued frustration with JCP&L to provide power and heat to Belmar residents in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

“In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy we have drained the flood waters and removed the boardwalk debris from our streets and begun restorations of our homes.

The next step in the borough’s clean-up efforts is the retention of AshBritt, a national leader in the removal of large debris from disaster areas.  AshBritt was instrumental in removing 25 million cubic yards of debris in the Mississippi Gulf Coast following Hurricane Katrina and AshBritt also has the distinction of receiving the support and recommendation of Governor Christie as our community and communities across the state move down the road to recovery.  We are looking forward to partnering with them in the coming weeks as our community moves enters the next phase. 

On the other hand, ten days after Hurricane Sandy, Belmar is still suffering from significant power outages and lack of heat throughout the borough.  We have had multiple conversations with administrators at JCP&L and we have seen bucket trucks throughout town for days, but with limited results.  Belmar’s residents are cold, tired and frustrated.  I am encouraging our residents to call JCP&L at 888-544-4877 until the borough has power.”