ARTHUR KILL, NJ - At the height of Hurricane Sandy, tank facilities along the Arthur Kill in New Jersey suffered extensive damage leading to three separate oil spills, including a major oil spill at the Motiva facility in the Sewaren section of Woodbridge where a tank failed, resulting in the release of 400,000 gallons of diesel oil.  A secondary containment wall managed to capture some of the oil and just over half of the oil has been recovered.  However, thousands of gallons seeped into the ground, mixing with already contaminated soil and both leaking into the Arthur Kill.

At the KMI facility in Carteret one tank collapsed into another tank and 10,000 gallons of biodiesel was released. A secondary containment structure, designed to capture spills was also breached at this site and the material spilled into Rum Creek, a tributary of the Arthur Kill.  Approximately 400,000 gallons of contaminated water has been removed, but it unclear how much actual biodiesel was cleaned up.  

Finally, at the Philips 66 site in Linden a storage tank had a minor breech and surge waters carried the refined oil over the secondary containment into the Arthur Kill.  Approximately 5,000 gallons of refined oil were spilled.

Recovery is under way for all three of these spills, but Baykeeper's investigation at the waterfront showed that oil sheens are visible at the shoreline and spill-related debris has washed ashore.  We know that federal and state agencies are on-site to assess damages to natural resources and other sensitive areas and Baykeeper will monitor the clean up and push for full recovery of damages to the marine life, wildlife, wetlands and other natural resources.




In the immediate aftermath of the spill, clean-up is critical, but so is assessment of damages.  The Arthur Kill has many sensitive natural areas and Baykeeper will push to make sure those areas are restored.  You can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let him know you want the oil cleaned up as quickly as possible and the river restored.  

Thank you for your support of NY/NJ Baykeeper and our work to protect, preserve and restore the Hudson-Raritan Estuary  

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