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The IRS is providing help to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Special tax relief and assistance is available to taxpayers in the Presidential Disaster Areas. Other locations may be added in coming days based on additional damage assessments by FEMA. 

We are monitoring the situation closely to resolve potential tax administration issues as they are identified. The IRS often updates its information on disaster relief efforts related to Hurricane Sandy. For the latest news, check this page frequently.

News Releases

  • IR-2012-88, Treasury, IRS Announce Special Relief to Encourage Leave-Donation Programs for Victims of Hurricane Sandy

  • IR-2012-87, IRS Expedites Charity Applications, Urges Use of Existing Charities
  • IR-2012-86, Treasury and IRS Expand Availability of Housing for Hurricane Sandy Victims
  • IR-2012-85, IRS Waives Diesel Fuel Penalty Due to Hurricane Sandy
  • IR-2012-84, IRS Announces Qualified Disaster Treatment of Payments to Victims of Hurricane Sandy
  • IR-2012-83, IRS Provides Tax Relief to Victims of Hurricane Sandy; Return Filing and Tax Payment Deadline Extended to Feb. 1, 2013
  • IR-2012-82, IRS Gives Additional Time to Taxpayers and Preparers Affected by Hurricane Sandy; File and Pay by Nov. 7

Legal Guidance

  • Notice 2012-69Treatment of Certain Amounts Paid to Section 170(c) Organizations under Certain Employer Leave-Based Donation Programs to Aid Victims of Hurricane Sandy
  • Notice 2012-68, Low-Income Housing Credit Disaster Relief for Hurricane Sandy

Other Resources

  • Disaster Assistance and Emergency Relief — IRS information for individuals and businesses.
  • Reconstructing Your Records — Reconstructing records after a disaster may be essential for tax purposes, getting federal assistance or insurance reimbursement. Records that you need to prove your loss may have been damaged or destroyed.

For additional information provided by the federal government on disaster recovery, and the Hurricane Sandy Recovery page on The latest Federal Emergency Management Agency disaster declarations are also available.