JACKSON, NJ - For Hurricane Sandy victims, their pets are all that many of these families have left of their homes.  Seer Farms will help keep these families intact.  

Seer Farms is a nonprofit organization in New Jersey whose mission it is to enhance the quality of life for families and their animal companions whose lives have been shattered due to natural disaster, homelessness, abuse, catastrophic illness, and other major life crises. They are located in Jackson, in the heart of Ocean County, one of the hardest hit counties in NJ.  Hurricane Sandy has destroyed so many homes in NJ. Seer Farms is helping to ensure that it doesn't destroy families as well.  Because of the extensive damage to property and home wrought by this storm, thousands of animals along the Jersey Shore have been left in desperate circumstances. Seer Farms is working in conjunction with NJ's statewide emergency animal response team to rescue animals from the devastation and keep them safe until they are able to be reunited with their families. 

Laura Pople, the executive director of Seer Farms has stated "I founded Seer Farms specifically so that no family would have to be permanently parted from their animal in a crisis situation like Sandy has created. We have already seen what a difference a service like ours makes to the families we've helped. We have been getting calls and emails from families with pets who cannot return to their homes. Or whose homes are no longer there to return to. Families who can seek temporary placement for themselves through FEMA or family, often cannot have their animals join them in the temporary housing they secure. We are working with these families to help them keep their animals in their lives. We will place as many as we can within our current facilities and extend our foster network to accept the overflow. Seer Farms is unique, in that we will care for their animals while they rebuild, and return their beloved pets to them when they can again care for them."

For families in need, the Seer Farms' Out of Crisis program fills an important void in the animal care services offered in the mid-Atlantic and beyond. Its origin and ongoing service reflects their commitment to families with companion animals and the animals themselves.  Seer Farms is a safety net for families in crisis who have often lost everything and do not want to lose their pets as well. Seer Farms keeps the animals on a temporary basis while the family deals with the crisis and reunites once they are able to care for their pets again. Since being founded in 2008, Seer Farms has reunited more than 300 animals with their families.  Not counting animals still in the Out of Crisis program, over 85 percent of animals are reunited with their families (dogs: 94 percent, cats: 78 percent). Seer Farms keeps animals out of traditional shelters and keeps families whole in times of crisis.

According to Pople, "Life at Seer Farms is not so very different for the animals who reside here than it was in their homes, and that really is the point of Seer Farms.  We are not your normal animal shelter.  We are a proxy for the families who entrust their animals to us.  Our goal is to help those families get through their life crises by taking one worry off their plates - how to care for their animals during their difficult times.  In doing so, victims of natural disaster, women fleeing domestic violence, individuals in need of extended medical attention, and deployed service members can place their animals temporarily, safely, at Seer Farms."

"We have been hearing over and over that pet owners believe that having lost their home, their only option is to permanently surrender their animals because they know they will be living in temporary housing for many months.  Seer Farms was established specifically so that people in circumstances such as these have a solution that can help them keep their pets.  These pets don't need to be surrendered to the already full shelters."  People who have been temporarily displaced from their homes and have a pet should contact Seer Farms to try to get their animals temporarily placed so that they can retrieve them once they get more permanently settled. To contact Seer Farms for placement of an animal or to make a donation please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., call 732-928-1804, or go to their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/SeerFarms.