EATONTOWN, NJ - Thank you to all of our supporters who have gone above and beyond to help the animals of Monmouth County. Many of you are facing serious difficulties of your own, and still you take the time to help people and animals in need. 

We are inspired by the outpouring of love and support you have shown your neighbors and their pets. 


We are distributing pet food and supplies to those impacted by this storm. If you or anyone you know needs help feeding your pets, please stop by our Thrift Store at the Eatontown shelter, or contact your local emergency shelter.

We are coordinating a distribution center in partnership with Humane Society of the United States NJ State Office. You can drop donations off at our Thrift Store at the Eatontown shelter seven days a week between 9AM and 4PM. We would appreciate donations of:

pet food of any kind

bedding - towels, sheets, blankets

supplies- litter, leashes

toys and treats

tote bags or boxes   

If you have the ability to save a life, please consider adopting now. You will help create space for us to help even more pets displaced by the storm.

If you are able, a donation of any amount would be a great help as we work to recover from the impact of this storm and meet the needs of all the pets and pet owners in Monmouth County. 
We hope that you are safe and warm, and we thank you again for your generous spirit.