There is the continuing threat of a nor'easter affecting the region during the middle of this week. This storm will bring the potential for both rainfall & snowfall, gale force winds particularly near coastal sections, moderate coastal flooding & moderate beach erosion. We realize that many people are still working to recover from the impacts of Coastal Storm Sandy and we are providing this information for planning purposes and to promote situational awareness.

We continue to have some Internet access issues to our website. Our normal link for downloading briefing packages is still unavailable. Please use the following link instead.

•A coastal nor’easter will threaten the region in the November 7th-8th timeframe.

• Gale force wind gusts (45-55 mph) are possible during this storm.

• Moderate coastal flooding is possible during this storm; the high tides of most concern are the ones around midday Wednesday, November 7th and the following high tide Wednesday night.

• Normal high tides are relatively low in this time frame, as we are between the full & new moon.

• There may be moderate wave action during the strongest part of the storm

• This nor’easter will have greater impact than usual because of the serious impacts from Coastal Storm Sandy.

• Next briefing package will be issued by 300 PM on Monday, November 5th.

• Monitor our latest weather forecast at The website is not yet back to 100 % functionality, but much of it has been restored.