Hamilton, NJ - A study released yesterday by CHOP found that Kyleigh's Law which requires new drivers to display a red decal on their license plate has saved lives and helped prevent teen causalities on New Jersey's roadways.  This is the second verdict in six months that indicates the decal is doing its job and is not going away.  The first was the Supreme Court ruling that the law was in fact constitutional in August of this year.

AAA has been a champion for teen driving legislation since the infancy of the GDL laws in the Garden State and we continue to advocate for laws that will save even more teen lives. 

Since the implementation of the "decal law," the rest of the teen driving package has been on pause while the court decided and the studies were conducted.  With the verdict in, it's time for the Legislature to begin work on the two provisions left that have been proven to keep teens safe behind the wheel.

A-1571/S-674 would require 50 supervised driving hours over the course of a one-year permit phase. This equates to less than an hour of week of driving time with mom, dad or any other supervising driver. Practice is the only way to master driving skills and to create safe driving habits. Implementing these requirements, as 46 other states have, will give teens the time they need to develop those skills.

The bill would also require teens to participate in an orientation program with their parents, either in-person or online. This program would not only give teens and their parents information about the laws and provisions of the GDL, but would offer helpful advice and best practices for this important learning phase.

A-1571 passed the Assembly and AAA urges the Senate to pass S-674 so we can put these proven provisions into effect and keep our roadways safe. In the meantime, parents and teens can visit teendriving.aaa.com to learn more about how to keep your teen driver safe on the roads.