Sandy Hook, NJ – Clean Ocean Action (COA) is proud to announce the online release of a video showcasing the Beach Sweeps program.  In 1985, COA launched the region’s first Beach Sweeps program to rid beaches of unsightly and harmful debris.  Today, the Beach Sweeps is one of the longest running cleanups of its kind in the world.  The program has grown from 75 people at one site in 1985 to 7,575 volunteers at nearly 70 sites in 2011. Since 1985, over 90,000 volunteers have participated and removed over 4.5 million pieces of debris from New Jersey's beaches and waterways.

Sandy Levine, producer of the video, is an award-winning television producer who was born and raised at the Jersey Shore. 

“I've known about and respected Clean Ocean Action since the group began in the mid-1980s. I heard that the Beach Sweeps were coming up and I felt compelled to be there to shoot this video. The idea that thousands of people willingly volunteer to pick up garbage was inspiring and I wanted to capture that passion and commitment,” explained Levine.  “When I arrived at Sandy Hook, it was depressing; the sand was littered with all kinds of garbage. A few hours later - the beach was pristine. The Beach Sweeps not only get rid of ugly garbage - they remind us that our ocean and shore need protection. I'm honored to be part of the effort to get out the word that we all can - and must - do something to help," she continued.

Clean Ocean Action was delighted Sandy Levine was able to produce the video.  It provides an important opportunity for everyone with access to the internet to learn about Sweeps and become inspired to participate.

“Over the past 27 years, volunteers have worked hard to collect, catalogue, and remove nearly 5 million pieces of trash from New Jersey’s beaches and waterways,” stated Tavia Danch, COA’s Education Coordinator.  “This video will highlight the great work of our volunteers and inspire others to follow in their footsteps,” added Danch.

Please visit Clean Ocean Action’s website, where the video is posted on our homepage.  It is also uploaded on Clean Ocean Action’s YouTube channel at:

Clean Ocean Action’s 27th Annual Fall Beach Sweep will be held this Saturday, October 20 from 9-12:30 PM at over 60 cleanup sites along the NJ shore and waterways from Middlesex to Cape May County.  For more information, or to register groups of ten or more, please visit