TRENTON, NJ - Legislation sponsored by Senator Anthony Bucco (R- Morris) repealing a 2005 law mandating fire extinguishers in 1 and 2 family residences has been approved by the Senate Community and Urban Affairs Committee.

Bucco said that the mandate he is seeking to repeal, while well intentioned, encourages some residents to fight a house fire rather than flee the premises to safety, increasing the likelihood of injury or death.

"Nobody is discouraging purchasing a fire extinguisher for your home," said Bucco, "However, the government mandate sends the wrong signal to tenants and homeowners that the fire extinguisher should be the preferred method of responding to an emergency. The risk of avoidable tragedy is particularly pronounced if someone is uncomfortable or unfamiliar with the equipment's proper use. Everybody's first impulse in the event of a fire ought to be to leave the building and contact the fire department. The 2005 law, while well-intentioned, was not fully thought through."

Bucco is joined in support of the bill, S-1829, by the New Jersey Fire Safety Commission and the New Jersey League of Municipalities. If passed, the 2005 law would be repealed and fire extinguishers in single and two-family residences could only be mandated by the local governing body.