RED BANK, NJ - In six weeks, on Sunday, October 21st, we head out on our 32nd Red Bank Area CROP HUNGER WALK! Last year this 5 mile Sunday afternoon walk going from Red Bank Regional High School through three towns in the Two River area, brought out about 1000 participants, raising well over $126,500 in sponsorships, and collecting 11,000 pounds of food staples, mainly rice, beans, and peanut butter, sorted and distributed by CBA students and friends. Together we helped our hungry neighbors around the block and around the world.

Recruiters from faith congregations, public and private schools, and civic groups hope for another record food collection on Crop Walk Day, and increased funds to help our 17 local partner programs in their daily challenges, as we set our goal for 6 tons of food (12,000 pounds) and $130,000. The major drought covering 70% of our USA grain producing areas, has driven up food and fuel costs making it more difficult for those already struggling to purchase basic needs. It is estimated that 1/2 of our US corn crop has been lost, along with soy beans and other basic staples.

Walk Season kicked off with our recruiter rally on Sept. 10th, hosted by the Red Bank First Baptist Church, where our Teen Leaders shared the message that, "Many are hungry and thirsty too: To say we can do nothing is just not true." in rap beat and in a Walka Walka dance step. Sponsor sheets, signs, and education materials were given out so that groups can gather walkers and runners, and encourage ways of raising money and collecting food for the big Walk Day. Crop Walk, the community hunger appeal of Church World Service, also makes possible a quick response to events such as last year's Hurricane Irene, which devastated the northeast, causing mountainsides to slide down, drowning farms, and destroying bridges and homes with its raging waters, This year's Hurricane Isaac has created disaster areas in several states. to add to the woes of major drought and hail stone damage around the country. Our efforts help resettlement of displaced people locally through some of our partners, and refugees continue to need a response through manmade civil strife. In recent months 20,000 Syrians have fled their bombed out homes leaving with nothing but the clothes on their backs and what they can carry. CWS provides blankets, tents, water tablets, food packages, hygiene kits and much more, bringing hope into seemingly hopeless situations.

For walk information go to our website or email us. WALK DAY is fun for the whole family, with music, clowns, community garden tables and advocacy tables, an art contest, and refreshments. You will feel good at the end of the day!

Wristbands, T shirts, and caps are also available through our materials chair, Kim Smith. With Heart and Sole we can indeed help to end hunger, one step at a time!