FREEHOLD, NJ - Yes, the 2012 Olympic Games are now over but the pride that comes from watching our country’s representatives and all of their achievements will still remain in our hearts for a very long time to come. For it isn’t just about the competition, although without any uncertainty those individuals undoubtedly had their sights set for the “Gold”. It is, however, about what being there actually represents. That is why, I knew I had to do whatever it took to get in touch with those gifted and talented few that left our home soil headed for London who got their start right here in Monmouth County.

Something inside me felt it was tremendously important to recognize our Monmouth County Olympians for all the reasons that make them exemplary models not only of this county but of this great Country. These athletes possess those intangible qualities that you cannot help but admire in a person such as integrity, commitment, perseverance, hard work, focus and dedication amongst others. They are the type of people who see the glass half full always and know that when the going gets tough the tough get tougher and keep on going in pursuit of their dreams.

PHOTO FROM LEFT TO RIGHT:  Freeholder Gary Rich, Freeholder Lillian Burry, Loretta Gluckstein, Steven Gluckstein, Freeholder Deputy Director Tom Arnone, Freeholder Director John Curly, Freeholder Serena Di Maso

No one understands this more than Monmouth County Olympic trampolinist, Steven Gluckstein. Steven was the first Monmouth County Olympian that I have had the pleasure of sitting down and speaking with thus far. He is a native of Atlantic Highlands who was the single U.S. representative in Olympic Trampoline at the 2012 London Olympics. It was truly a wonderful experience having the opportunity to meet and speak with this bright young athlete and to be able to get a glimpse of the amount of heart and what it takes in order to become an Olympian. At the ripe young age of “22”, Steven understands victory, but he also accepts that life sometimes offers an occasional disappointment. Not that this could ever deter him from securing his dream.

Steven Gluckstein is a true leader and one who leads by example. That is why, we, The Board of Chosen Freeholders recognized Monmouth County Olympian, Steven Gluckstein, at our last Freeholders’ meeting and presented him with a Certificate of Recognition for all that he stands for and represents. Monmouth County could not be more proud. For it is the Steven Gluckstein’s of this great county we live in that truly go into making Monmouth County the place you want to be!

*Thomas A. Arnone is Freeholder Deputy Director of The Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders