The Atlantic Highlands Herald receives press releases from the Syrian Network for Human Rights.  We will occasionally post items to draw attention to the inhumane conditions existing in that part of the world.  We hope that these posts will help our readers better understand the conditions there.  We caution the reader:  Some links on this page lead to images and video that is difficult to see and is intended for mature audiences.  

Syrian Network for Human Rights

Violation Report

Thursday, 16 August, 2012 

Casualties and wounded:

Aleppo | B’aidain

Many civilians were killed and others were injured as a result of the indiscriminate shelling by the regime’s army on the homes in the town. Amongst the casualties were young children who were killed in their homes: 

Idleb | Mu’arrt Mesreen

The residents are gathering the body parts of their beloved ones who were killed by explosions as a result of shelling by regime forces on the residential areas:

Hama | Allatamneh

This child, Muhammad Reyad Alabrash, was killed as a result of rocket shelling by the regime’s army:

Dar’aa | Burra Sham

Dozens of citizens have been killed by snipers, and Hasan Almuqdad was added to the list as he was on his way to work:

Assaults and Human Rights Violation:

Aleppo | Hraitan

In addition to shelling and bombardment, the citizens in Syria struggle daily with disconnected communications, water and electricity, and even the most basic and simple food like bread is difficult to obtain:

Aleppo | Albab

Makeshift hospitals are packed with those wounded as a result of the offensive carried on by regime forces on towns and cities. The main struggle is that those hospitals are not equipped to treat the wounded:

Dar’aa | Alghareyah Asharqeyah

This is a different city but the same scenario repeats itself in a makeshift hospital where wounded people are treated with the most primitive materials given the shortage of medical staff and supplies:

Bombardment and Destruction:

Damascus| Alassali

This footage documents mass destruction to homes and businesses in the Al-Assali neighbourhood as a result of continual shelling with heavy artillery by regime forces:

Homs | Talbeeseh

Continual shelling on residential areas in the town by regime forces which lasted more than two months led to the displacement of most of its residents:

In addition, the shelling resulted in mass destruction: 

Idleb | Kelli

The houses in the neighbourhood are almost completely demolished after it was targeted by the regime’s MiG warplanes:

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