Courthouse to reopen on Monday morning 

FREEHOLD, NJ – The Monmouth County Courthouse will be cleaned this weekend after 17 employees of the courthouse’s west wing, first floor experienced symptoms of illness today. 

The employees experienced symptoms of illness that included shortness of breath, nausea, chest pain, palpitation, rash or dizziness. The employees sought medical attention and were either released from an area hospital or are undergoing evaluation.

“If a courthouse employee or anyone having business at the courthouse today is experiencing any of the symptoms, we encourage them to go to the emergency room or their private physician,” Kevin Burke, assistant county administrator said. “We also ask that they contact the county health department at 732-431-7456 to report any symptoms, too.”

“This afternoon, County Emergency Management and Health Department staff responded to the courthouse and conducted a thorough investigation,” Sheriff Shaun Golden said. “The courthouse will be thoroughly cleaned and be open for business on Monday.”

It has been determined that the possible cause was cut flowers in an employee area of the courthouse.  All cut flowers in the courthouse have been disposed of today and county crews will conduct a thorough cleaning of the courthouse this weekend.

It is believed that there is no danger of person-to-person transmission. The county is recommending that employees and anyone else who was at the courthouse on Friday, launder the clothes that they wore separately from other items. Individuals should also shower with soap and water as well.

The Courthouse will open for business on Monday morning.