SPRING LAKE, NJ -Mary Higgins Clark tells a good story, both in her books and in person, as she did to an enraptured audience at the Breakers On-the Ocean, Spring Lake on Sunday, April 29.  An afternoon tea and book signing, sponsored by the Spring Lake Chamber of Commerce, brought a sell-out coterie of 225 fans in a spirit of celebration for yet another book by their favorite author.


PICTURED rear (l to r) Mary Kennelley and Shannon Costanza, seated on the right is Mary Higgins Clark. 

An Historic Inns of Spring Lake event was held on Sunday, however Mary Higgins Clark’s enormous circle of readers began assembling at noon outside the ballroom for the book-signing.  Although there were 225 books to sign, Ms Clark was not in the least fatigued and vowed that she would continue to tell stories for as long as she had a good story to tell.  It is not a wonder at all that her readers show that same enthusiasm.


Mary Higgins Clark signs copies of her book, "The Lost Years".


Bernice Roberts