FREEHOLD, NJ - The former director of the Freehold Township Senior Center pleaded guilty today to theft by failing to remit a $4,284.00 payment back to Township coffers from an area travel agency that had arranged two vacation cruises for Senior Center members, Prosecutor Peter E. Warshaw, Jr. announced. Arlene Golub, 70, of Freehold Township, entered her plea before Monmouth County Superior Court Judge Thomas F. Scully, P.Cr., who is scheduled to sentence Golub on June 22, 2012.

In a joint investigation conducted by the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office and the Freehold Township Police Department, detectives discovered that Golub, as part of her job duties as the director of the Senior Center, organized two cruise ship excursions - one departing on March 14, 2009 and the other on May 27, 2010. Both trips were arranged through the same Marlboro-based travel agency. Though each participating senior made their own travel arrangements through the agency, the agency had agreed to remit money back to Freehold Township because all senior center travelers utilized the same travel agency.

Pursuant to their agreement, the travel agency tendered a total of four checks back to the Township. Golub instructed the travel agency to make checks payable to her. Thereafter, Golub endorsed one of the checks for $1,528 for deposit into the authorized Freehold Township account. However, the remaining three checks, totaling $6,584, were deposited by Golub into her own personal bank account. From these proceeds, Golub paid $2,300 to a bus company that transported senior travelers from Freehold to the two different locations from where the ships departed. Golub, however, improperly retained and used the remaining $4,284. Golub later had a meeting with Township officials to gain support for hosting another senior cruise. One official complained that the Township had not made any money from the last two cruises. This prompted Golub to finally return $4,084 to Freehold Township on August 25, 2011 ($200 less than the full amount as a result of a miscalculation by Golub)

Golub pleaded guilty to Theft by Failure to Make Required Disposition of Property, a third-degree crime, pursuant to a negotiated plea agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, the Office will recommend that Golub receive a $5,000.00 fine, pay restitution of $200.00 to the Township of Freehold, perform 100 hours of community service and, by order of the Court, forever forfeit the right to hold public office in the State of New Jersey.

This case was assigned to Assistant Prosecutor John Loughrey of the Office’s Special Prosecutions Bureau. The defendant is represented by Darren Gelber, Esq. of Woodbridge.