Affordable Housing Alliance Program Provides Temporary Relief for Utility Expenses

WALL, NJ - Assemblywoman Mary Pat Angelini is urging residents to take advantage of a new Affordable Housing Alliance program which provides temporary relief for utility expenses.

The Temporary Relief for Utility Expenses (TRUE) program is a one-time assistance program that is designed to help moderate income households across the state of New Jersey who are experiencing economic hardship and struggling to pay their utility bills.

“While many organizations provide assistance to those who have been laid off or are facing severe financial troubles, there are not many that provide assistance to those who have an income but are still finding it difficult to pay their bills,” said Angelini. “The TRUE program helps residents who may make too much to be considered for most other assistance programs, but are struggling nonetheless.”

The TRUE energy assistance program, funded by the Board of Public Utilities (BPU), benefits New Jersey residents who own or rent, have a history of making regular payments toward their utility bills, and are facing a crisis situation involving documented notice of overdue payment for gas and/or electric service and are not receiving or are qualified for LIHEAP or USF benefits.

“This is a unique program generated by the legislature to respond to middle income residents of NJ who, prior to this economic crisis, rarely if ever needed help.  Payments of up to $750 for gas and electric are available.  We are finding that TRUE assistance can be the difference that keeps food on the table and the house warm.  What is unique is applicants never need to leave home to apply.  Applications are received and processed automatically through the special website below.   Check to see if you qualify urges,” Donna Blaze, CEO of the Alliance.

More information on the TRUE program can be found at