RED BANK, NJ - Governor Buddy Roemer (R-LA) brought his presidential campaign to Red Bank, New Jersey on December 10th. 

Reform Party leaders Jacob Zychick, Dino Scaros, and Dennis "DJ" Mikolay meet with Governor Buddy Roemer.  (photos: Christine Sullivan)

The former Congressman turned Chief Executive spoke for roughly two hours at an appearance co-organized by the Bayshore Tea Party Group and the leadership of the Reform Party of New Jersey.  

Governor Buddy Roemer campaigns in Red Bank, NJ

During the event, Roemer criticized the Republican Party for ignoring his campaign. He blasted fellow contenders Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney on their failure to address pertinent issues such as campaign finance reform, the death of American domestic industry, and energy independence.

Roemer, who has expressed interest in the American Elect ballot effort, said that he would not rule out a third party candidacy. 

"If the Republican Party keeps shutting me out," said Roemer, "I will find a way to have a third party stand with me, and we will get in those debates!"

Mayor Anna Little discusses her 2010 Congressional bid with Governor Buddy Roemer

Governor Roemer promised to take his campaign to all fifty states. Also in attendance were Mayor Anna Little (R-Atlantic Highlands) and former Congressional candidate David Corsi.