EATONTOWN, NJ - Cats can have babies every 3 months while the weather is good. The second kitten season of the year is in full swing and it is just as bad as the first.  Our cat population has once again reached crisis level. Currently the MCSPCA cat population is 443, 30% over capacity. While adoptions have increased drastically this year, cats are coming into our building in record breaking numbers. Every day the feline population increases at a faster rate than adoptions.  We need your help!

Paws Up

Open your heart and home to a cat (or two!). It is the greatest gift you can give the animals at the MCSPCA.    Take advantage of these deals:$7 Seniors (over 7 years) 2 for 1 Adoption Fee
More animals in the building means more food, vaccines and spay/neuter surgeries. 
Every donation helps us save lives. 

FOSTER  If you have a spare bathroom and can foster a cat for 2 months, it will free up space and save at least 4 more lives.   Email Volunteer Coordinator, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.

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