NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - In the spirit of Halloween, members of Rutgers University United Students Against Sweatshops stormed President McCormick’s office dressed as pirates and chanting “ they swab the deck, so where’s their booty?”.

 Rutgers University faculty and staff agreed 3 years ago to put off their wage increases for a year in good faith and in the spirit of shared sacrifice, as top administrators continued to get huge wages, increases, benefits, and severance packages. 3 years later they have seen nothing, losing 40 million dollars along the way, and are currently in negotiations with the administration, which students were demanding be approached in good faith. 

Last year this demand was one of several in the 700-person Walk Into Action and a 36-hour student sit-in. While students won their tuition battle for the time being, getting the lowest wage increase in over 20 years, they haven’t forgotten the faculty and staff: the people with whom they closely worked and who make their university run.

“President McCormick can frame this however he wishes. He can say we’re idealistic students, he can say we simply don’t understand. He can complain about how complex the situation is. The only thing he won’t say is “yes”. At the end of the day, the money is there, and he isn’t giving it to the people who need it, and deserve it, the most.”

Beth Breslaw- USAS vice president