Middletown, NJ - “Danger Season” for the children is here. “Danger Season” starts October 1st and continues through March 31st. We start now to ensure as many children as possible will be warm at bedtime as the temperatures drop. This is the most important time for the Pajama Program whose purpose is giving new pajamas and new books to children in need all year long. Local volunteers across America are called to action.

 “Danger Season” is the most difficult time for the children served by Pajama Program. Temperatures drop at night and the children are cold, afraid and lonely. They feel like they don't belong anywhere or to anyone. We need to keep them warm and feeling loved. They have been taken away from homes and schools and so many of them are left without a family, without friends and without hope.

Last year NJ volunteers were able to distribute over 19,000 pairs of new pajamas and new books to children in all 21 counties in the state.  Our goal this year is to make sure that 25,000 children-in-need get new pajamas and a new book to keep them warm and feeling safe.

Pajama Program celebrates its 10th Birthday serving children this year, 2011. We have now provided more than 1 MILLION new pajamas and new books to children in need nationwide. Pajama Program started in the Fall of 2000 when founder Genevieve Piturro began giving children in shelters and group homes their very own pajamas and books.

“I couldn't believe what the staff at some of the shelters I visited 10 years ago told me about the children who were brought to them every day and every night. The stories of abuse and neglect were horrifying and heart breaking. I couldn't change what had happened to these children but at least I could give them a pair of warm, clean pajamas to get them through the night,” explains Pajama Program founder, Genevieve Piturro.

Local Pajama Program Chapter Presidents locate various “Receiving Organizations” in their communities where children in need are living.  Together with local volunteers they organize pajama drives and events to provide those children with new pajamas and new books.