Trenton, NJ - Governor Chris Christie has opted out of the 2012 Presidential race, despite the advice of some "serious" people nationally.  

The governor said he will "stay committed to the job.  It just didnt feel right to me before getting the job done."  He said, "I believe this is where I belong."


The decision was made last night after consulting with his wife, Mary Pat, the governor said.  He had been "in the midst of reconsidering " a run for the last few weeks - prior to his recent President Reagan Library speech.  Ultimately, he said, the time was not right to leave New Jersey.  Education reform, jobs, and getting the state's fiscal house in order were named among his priorieties.  

"I am who I am,"  the governor said.  "People would have judged me on what they see.  And what they see is what they get."

He called his folks this morning and several of his supporters to share the news with them. 

Asked about the "serious" people around the country who had provided advice, "There are people who see whats happening here in New Jersey," Gov. Christie said.  "It was the accomplishments that people saw here in New Jersey."  He said the ability to get things done in a blue state drew their attention.

The governor noted coyly about his courtship with Presidential politics. "Its a no, until its a yes."

There are many things that require attention on the national level, according to the governor, citing long-term debt and the need to improve the standing of America in the world.

He said he is committed to seeing that President Obama is not re-elected but it is too early to support a presidential nominee.