Reward offered

MONMOUTH COUNTY, NJ - Recent acts of deliberate vandalism of Verizon equipment in Monmouth County and the surrounding area have caused unnecessary telephone service outages for hundreds of customers at a time and is a serious public safety concern, putting people’s lives in danger.  Because of these illegal activities, Verizon is offering a reward of up to $50,000 for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of individuals that intentionally damage Verizon cables or facilities or cause or attempt to cause physical inquiry to any Verizon employee or contractor.

The most recent incidents occurred Aug. 1 on Cindy Lane and on Bowner Road in Ocean Township.  Several Verizon hub boxes were damaged, affecting telephone service for more than 200 customers. Similar incidents of vandalisms have occurred over the last month, including one at the end of June that impacted service for nearly 300 customers in the Neptune area.

Verizon has been working closely with state and local law enforcement authorities to investigate these incidents and to find those responsible.

Verizon advises anyone who may witness any vandalism to Verizon property or any suspicious activity to call 911 immediately to notify the police and also to contact Verizon Security at 1-800-997-3287.