Monmouth County Superior Court and Periódico Nosotros introduce supplement

ASBURY PARK, NJ ― Periódico Nosotros and the Monmouth County Superior Court have teamed up to introduce a monthly supplement to the Nosotros publication.  The supplement will explain, step by step, how to navigate the judiciary system within the Monmouth County Superior Court.

The supplement is intended to empower readers by addressing the most common problems that the immigrant community faces when dealing with the court system.  The first month focuses on frequently asked questions such as location and hours, parking and transportation issues, what to bring and how to dress, how to obtain assistance or an interpreter.

“Many people feel intimidated and confused by the judiciary system,” said Cecilia Reynolds of Nosotros/CIS. “By reading this supplement, in their own language, they are able to better understand what they need to do.  To quote Gorge Orwell's 1984, 'Knowledge is Power', and this is the power our community will gain to be better protected and assimilated into our growing community."

This is the third year that Periódico Nosotros and the Monmouth County Superior Court have offered this legal supplement, thanks to local business sponsors.

“On behalf of Assignment Judge Lawrence M. Lawson and Tribunal Court Administrator Marsi L. Perkins, I want to thank Nosotros for launching this important joint initiative,” said Carmen Flores, Court Executive and Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Officer.  “Whether an individual comes to the Superior Court to obtain child support, file a small claim or domestic violence complaint, or defend an eviction, the experience can be overwhelming for those who are unfamiliar with the court system.  We hope that the public finds this information helpful and not hesitate to make use of the resources cited in these articles.”

Nosotros/CIS is an organization dedicated to helping immigrants in New Jersey.  We offer Educational, Arts and Cultural Services, International Government Agencies/ Consulate Services,  free legal consultations, Economic Development/Financial Services,  Translation/ Interpretation and Professional Credentialing Services, health services and referrals, ESL classes, notary services, and much more at the Center for Immigrant Services at 808 Main Street in Asbury Park.  Periódico Nosotros is our monthly publication which works in conjunction with Nosotros/CIS.  For more information, visit our website at, where you will also find links to our blog and social media.