RED BANK, NJ -  With statewide elections in six months, the Bayshore Tea Party Group (BTPG) is actively evaluating candidates for county and state level office. BTPG will continue to evaluate candidates, and at this time announces its support for the following candidates:

  • ·Gary Rich, Republican, for Freeholder in Monmouth County
  • ·Shane Robinson, Republican, for Assembly in District 19

“The people spoke loud and clear last November,” said Barbara Gonzalez, founder of BTPG. “And we continue the effort in New Jersey to elect representatives who share with us the values that made this nation the greatest in the world.”

“There is no question that New Jersey’s tax structure is broken, our unemployment rate–now 9.4%--is absurdly high, our state economy is hurting, and New Jersey government at all levels is too big and too intrusive,” added Robert Gordon, BTPG President. “New Jersey people are suffering. We are dedicated to electing people who will stop the down-spiral, and put New Jersey back to work and back to prosperity.”

Gonzalez added, “Gary Rich and Shane Robinson share our constitutional, limited-government values. They clearly can help fix the problems we are facing. BTPG is happy to help them get to Freehold and Trenton, to help bring back the liberty and prosperity our residents deserve.”

The Bayshore Tea Party Group is part of the nationwide, grassroots Tea Party movement. Our mission is simple: (1) Limited Government; (2) Fiscal Responsibility, and (3) Free Markets. Find out more at our web site: . Follow us on Twitter: @Bayshore_TParty.