Hamilton, NJ —   The AAA Clubs of New Jersey recently surveyed drivers regarding the funding and maintenance of New Jersey’s roadways. The survey showed that drivers in New Jersey are increasingly aware of the Transportation Trust Fund and its funding woes. 

Drivers are paying more attention to how the state’s transportation funding needs are addressed – when asked if they were familiar with the term Transportation Trust Fund, 34%of respondents said yes, up from 22% in 2005.

While only one third of drivers surveyed were familiar with the term, the significant 12 point increase indicates that more New Jerseyans are paying attention to discussions about transportation infrastructure funding.

Additionally, more New Jerseyans had a better sense of the funding mechanism of the Transportation Trust Fund. In 2005, 47% identified New Jersey’s gas tax as one of the lowest in the nation; in this most recent survey 55% were able to do so.

Coupled with results from a 2010 survey that found the view of local road conditions have steadily declined over the last decade, it appears that drivers are taking note of the growing number of potholes and the lack of funding to fill them.

“It seems clear from these results that New Jerseyans have a message for our legislators: we’re paying attention to transportation funding and we want a solution,” Tracy E. Noble, spokesperson for AAA Mid-Atlantic said.

Lewis continued, “The Administration’s current plan for funding the TTF decreases borrowing and increase pay-as-you go funding are a good start but discussion need to continue to ensure long term funding.  The AAA Club’s of New Jersey will continue to advocate for a stable, sustainable funding source to ensure the safety of New Jersey’s roadways.”

Results are from a telephone survey conducted among 800 New Jersey motorists in May 2011. The margin of error for this survey is +/- 3.46% at the 95% confidence interval.