Ocean Township, NJ - Prevention First is launching its first multimedia advertising campaign throughout the state to create awareness about the increasing bullying problem in our schools. The advertising campaign, designed by Filter Advertising of New York and Red Bank, features adolescents with 'Kick Me' signs on their backs. The signs use graphic wording to describe the actions of the bully and give insight into the threats, abuse and harshness children face every day.

Bullying has become more prevalent than ever and has reached epidemic proportions. In today's world, torment from bullies far exceeds what modern parents remember bullying to be. Ninety percent of forth through eighth graders report being victims of bullying. Prevention First is committed to providing educational classes for teachers and students to address bullying in our schools. "Courageous Kids" is one of the programs which Prevention First offers to elementary schools that focuses on bullying. The program challenges participants to reflect on the reasons behind bullying and their personal role in stopping and preventing bullying behaviors. The interactive class engages children with storytelling, skill practice and arts and crafts. The lessons empower children with skills needed to stop the taunting and intimidation that plague so many of their lives.

Prevention First also offers "It Takes Courage," an adaption of the "Courageous Kids" program geared toward middle-school children and, for high school students, "What if...," based on the MTV hit show "If You Really Knew Me." "What if..." aims to break down the barriers of prejudices by opening the lines of communication. "This program changes the way teens understand each other and increases acceptance. "We encourage students to 'get real,' see each other in a different, positive light and take steps toward change and compassion," said Nicki Francis, Prevention First Community Development Specialist and certified Bullying Prevention Specialist.

For more information about Prevention First's bullying programs, contact Helen Varvi at 732.663.1800 ext. 212 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..