Trenton, NJ – On Monday, May 9, 2011, Governor Chris Christie took action on the following legislation:




S-2295/A-3444 (Lesniak/Chivukula, Coutinho) – Provides certain exemptions from disclosure requirements for licensing of solid waste and hazardous waste operations


S-2562/A-1068 (Greenstein, Turner/Gusciora, Coughlin, DeAngelo) – Sets confidentiality standards for public employee assistance program records; prohibits employer actions against program participants





S-1856/A-2606 (B. Smith/McKeon, Barnes) – ABSOLUTE - Authorizes Ocean County Planning Board and municipal planning boards in Ocean County to take certain measures to control stormwater runoff and nonpoint source pollution in Barnegat Bay watershed


S-617/A-2871 (Gordon, Sarlo/Voss, Casagrande) – ABSOLUTE - Limits DEP regulation of medical diagnostic x-ray equipment in facilities performing 750 or fewer x-rays per year


SCS for S-1643/ACS for A-3205 (Sweeney, Van Drew/Burzichelli) – CONDITIONAL - Requires sterilization of all cats and dogs released for adoption from various facilities; and updates law concerning impoundment


SS for S-2175/ACS for A-3102 - (Whelan, Singer/Stender, Conaway) – CONDITIONAL - Establishes procedure for destroying certain contraband tobacco products and cigarettes